Do you need trekking poles to hike?

Hiking the whites without poles

Trekking poles are a necessity for most hikers and for good reason. They provide stability over technical terrain, reduce the impact on the knees, and can help increase your speed. Nowadays, your trekking poles often go right into your tent in lieu of real poles. So there is a lot of reasons to keep yourRead More

Best Ultralight Backpacks Under a Pound.

I looked around and couldn’t find a guide of ultralight backpacks that suited my needs, so I decided to create exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to know what backpacks are pushing the limits, taking us to the edge where the magic happens. If I find one more best backpack guide that listsRead More

Appalachian Trail Thru Hike Statistics

Days per state

Everyone knows that thru hiking the Appalachian Trail is about much more than just numbers. Luckily, I decided to have some fun with my thru hike statistics. I tried my best to accurately document everything so you can get a better insight into how I thru hiked. Everyone has a unique style, and this wasRead More

Best Hiking Socks: Keeping Your Feet Happy

Best hiking socks

Socks are one of the most important pieces of gear for any distance hike, pick the wrong kind and you’ll likely end up with blisters. I have thoroughly used a decent amount of hiking socks. On my 2017 thru hike, I mainly used 4 different brands. Socks are definitely a very personal item for people,Read More

Best Value Ultralight Setup: Sub 7 lb Sub $700

Ultralight Setup chart

Buying new gear can feel overwhelming. Especially if you are coming from an older setup or completely new. Buying too cheap the first time will likely mean that it won’t hold up and you’ll end up replacing the gear. Other gear is priced expensively for minimal weight savings. For some this is worth it, forRead More

Appalachian Trail Cost: Analysis of a 2017 Thru Hike

There is always one question that gets asked when you’re about to start a thru hike. How much will it cost? So I did the hard part for you, analysed four and a half months of transactions to find out how much it cost me. So how much does Appalachian Trail Cost?┬áNot including my gear,Read More

Thru Hiking Basics: What You Didn’t know.

The decision of undertaking a Thru Hike isn’t something that happens overnight. It is usually a long thought out process that takes into account many aspects of life. Uprooting your life for 4 to 6 months is by no means an easy task. Plenty of people get stuck in this stage and never end upRead More

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Review

Ah, time to review a necessity for all but the riskiest ultralight backpackers. Over the years, water filters are one of the things that changed a lot but they have plateaued in recent years. No longer are the days of heavy pump filters with expensive and difficult to use filters. One of the most popularRead More

Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Review

A staple of extreme ultralight backpackers is not carrying a pillow at all. Using your extra clothes instead may work well for some. Others of us are willing to add a few ounces for the comforts of a pillow. If you have been looking at the Aeros Ultralight then you have found the right placeRead More

Best Battery Bank for Backpacking.

Rav power and anker battery banks

  UPDATED RECOMMENDATION FOR 2019! Look online these days for a battery bank and you are overwhelmed by a ton of different brands, sizes, characteristics, and everything else you can imagine. You are headed backpacking so you decide to try to narrow it down to battery banks for backpacking and now you’re stuck with aRead More