Guide to No Cook Backpacking

If you’ve been backpacking for a while then you likely know what your favorite back country foods are. Some of you probably aren’t amazed with any of the food you cooked while you have been out there. That is the same category that I fell into. I always cooked for dinner, if it was KnorrRead More

2017 Appalachian Trail Gear List

Appalachian Trail Gear

You might be planning an upcoming thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. If you are then I imagine that your gear is one of the things that you are probably busy planning. When I was planning my trip I enjoyed seeing detailed gear lists of past hikers. The list below is my Appalachian Trail gearRead More

Best Ultralight Backpacks Under a Pound.

I looked around and couldn’t find a guide of ultralight backpacks that suited my needs, so I decided to create exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to know what backpacks are pushing the limits, taking us to the edge where the magic happens. If I find one more best backpack guide that listsRead More

Best Value Ultralight Setup: Sub 7 lb Sub $700

Ultralight Setup chart

Buying new gear can feel overwhelming. Especially if you are coming from an older setup or completely new. Buying too cheap the first time will likely mean that it won’t hold up and you’ll end up replacing the gear. Other gear is priced expensively for minimal weight savings. For some this is worth it, forRead More

Thru Hiking Basics: What You Didn’t know.

The decision of undertaking a Thru Hike isn’t something that happens overnight. It is usually a long thought out process that takes into account many aspects of life. Uprooting your life for 4 to 6 months is by no means an easy task. Plenty of people get stuck in this stage and never end upRead More

Introduction to Ultralight Backpacking

Here at Ultralight Advantage we wanted to make an introductory post in case you are new to Ultralight backpacking. We know most of the readers here already have a lot of experience but we just wanted to go over the basics for someone entering the world of Ultralight Backpacking. This post assumes that you haveRead More