Trans Catalina Trail – An Experiment in Stupid Light.

Trans Catalina Trail is a definitely a bucket list trail. It meets plenty of check boxes. It has beautiful scenery, easily accessible, and short at 40 miles. For me, it was a perfect summer trip because I live 10 minutes from the boat that takes you there. This trip is logistically difficult because you haveRead More

Tour du Mont Blanc: What You Need to Know Before You Hike

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a 110-mile alpine trek circumnavigating the Mont Blanc Massif (15,770 ft.) meandering through an array of colossal snow fields, glaciers, and luxuriant wildflower meadows at the crossroads of Italy, Switzerland, and France. Regarded as one of the most popular long-distance hikes in all of Europe, the Tour du MontRead More


Appalachian Trail Thru Hike Statistics

Days per state

Everyone knows that thru hiking the Appalachian Trail is about much more than just numbers. Luckily, I decided to have some fun with my thru hike statistics. I tried my best to accurately document everything so you can get a better insight into how I thru hiked. Everyone has a unique style, and this wasRead More

Appalachian Trail Cost: Analysis of a 2017 Thru Hike

There is always one question that gets asked when you’re about to start a thru hike. How much will it cost? So I did the hard part for you, analysed four and a half months of transactions to find out how much it cost me. So how much does Appalachian Trail Cost?┬áNot including my gear,Read More